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La Loteria la araña Mixed Media Assemblage


Made entirely by hand by artist Jen. Hernandez.  

La Loteria, Mexican Bingo, is an old game played by many generations of Latinos.  Unlike regular bingo, symbols are used instead of numbers.  Many of the symbols have become huge popular icons in the Spanish culture.

Ms. Hernandez has made a series of assemblages with several of the popular Loteria symbols.  This is 'la araña' (the spider).

Using combinations of various mediums...wood, paint, clay, the shrine is assembled in a painted wooden box.  Several bright colors of acrylic and oil paints are applied to the outside of the box.  The inside of the box is painted and blue and has a huge wooden spider with green eyes.  The spiders body is accented with soft flocking and highlighted with metallic paints.  The outside of the assemblage is adorned with four bottle caps on either side, each with a different Loetria symbols surrounded in glitter. 

Comes with hardware attached for hanging on a wall if preferred.  Corresponding Loteria card included.

Please note this is a limited run of this design and no two look alike.  

Measures: 9" x 6.5" x 1.5