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The Cottage Greenhouse Daydream Sea Mud Clay Mask


Dive into a deep clean with clarifying Sea Mud. Drawn from the depths of the sea, it soaks up excess oil as marine-drenched minerals sink deep into skin to restore beauty balance. Natural exfoliants polish away problem spots and draw vital nutrients and oxygen to skin’s surface for a taut, toned complexion.

To exfoliate, balance & tone. 100% natural. A beauty-boosting go-to for centuries, clay’s powerful properties naturally draw out dirt and impurities and restore a rich, radiant glow.

To use
1. In a bowl, mix 1-2 tbsp of clay powder with into a small bowl.
2. Mix just a few drops of water at a time to create a clay mixture of icing-like consistency.
3. Apply to clean face with fingertips or clean masque brush.  Massage in a circular motion.
3. Leave on until you feel the mask tighten or dry (you may decrease drying time for an even milder masque)
4. Remove with warm water and washcloth.  Gently pat skin dry. Discard any extra product.

Recommended usage: once per week.

Fill weight: 2oz